The program started by the National Tennis Club several years ago, and aided by the bequest of John Lieb, shows signs of creating a junior dynasty in Newport. For the second year in a row, the Novice and "B" Divisions of the U.S. Junior Nationals were all-Newport affairs.

This year the tournament, once again hosted by Philadelphia, featured 18 players from three U.S. clubs: Newport (13 players), D.C. (3 players) and Tuxedo (2 players). Players competed in one of the two divisions, both run as round robins with 8-game no-ad formats.

Among the B Division players, Newporters Frank Curren and John Paul Jewell squared off in the finals. Frank emerged from his round robin with a 3-0 record. Jewell, last year’s Novice division finalist, also won all his round robin matches. Jewell jumped out to a 4-1 lead in the finals, but Curren found his bearings and would allow his opponent only one more game enroute to an 8-5 win.

Among the Novice players, Elizabeth Kavney, and Patrick Sampson, both of Newport and both newcomers to the game, advanced in their respective round robin groupings. Kavney’s lawn tennis experience showed with strong volleying and though this match was a battle, with never more than two games separating the players, she finally defeated Sampson with a number of well-timed shots to the dedans, 8-6.

The competitors were treated to the hospitality of the Philadelphia club, including a visit Saturday night to the First Union Spectrum for a professional soccer match. Thanks to Andy Kinzler for organizing the event, and to Dick Tanfield for his help.



"B" Division Novice Division
Colin Zima, 17, DC Elizabeth Kavney, 17, NTC
Fareed Melhem, 16, DC Jeff Clooney, 14, NTC
Ed Ferrer, 17 DC Phoebe Livingston, 13, NTC
Jennifer Winthrop, 17, NTC Laura Curren, 13, NTC
John Paul Jewell, 16, NTC Chelsea Bernstein, 12, NTC
Frank Curren, 15, NTC Hugh Billington, 11, NTC
Barclay Douglas III, 15, NTC Patrick Sampson, 11, NTC
Patrick Winthrop, 13, NTC Andrew Tobbiassen, 11, NTC
  Len Mazzone, 15, TX
  Max Mazzone, 11, TX

Full Results

(winner listed first; note that some Saturday matches were first to six games,

instead of first to eight)


Friday, March 23 Saturday, March 24
Jewell/J. Winthrop, 8-5 Tobiassen/Livingston, 8-2
P Winthrop/Douglas, 8-1 L. Mazzone/Clooney, 8-6
Clooney/Bernstein, 8-1 Tobiassen/M Mazzone, 8-3
Sampson/Livingston, 8-0 Jewell/Zima, 8-5
Zima/Ferrer, 8-4 Billington/L. Curren, 6-4
L. Curren/Clooney, 8-7 F. Curren/P. Winthrop, 6-5
F Curren/Melhem, 8-0 Sampson/Kavney, 6-2
Kavney/Tobiassen, 8-5 L. Curren/Bernstein, 6-0
Livingston/M Mazzone, 8-1 Jewell/Ferrer, 6-2
L. Curren/L. Mazzone, 8-1 P. Winthrop/Mellem, 6-2
Clooney/Billington, 8-6 L. Mazzone/Billington, 6-3
Kavney/M Mazzone, 8-1 Sampson/M Mazzone, 6-0
L. Mazzone/Bernstein, 8-1 Douglas/Mellem, 6-3
Sampson/Tobiassen, 8-2 Billington/Bernstein, 6-0
  Zima/J. Winthrop, 6-3
  F. Curren/Douglas, 6-1
  Kavney/Livingston, 6-2
  J. Winthrop/Ferrer, w/o

Sunday, March 25

Novice Semifinals: Sampson/L. Mazzone, 8-4

Kavney/L. Curren, 8-6

Novice Finals: Kavney def. Sampson, 8-6

"B" Division Finals: F. Curren def. J.P. Jewell, 8-5