The Racquet Club was once again host to the 2000 U.S. Junior National Championships.

Held March 24-26, the event made room for an unprecedented 30 boys and girls from the U.S. and U.K., divided into “A,” “B” and “Novice” divisions. The “A” Division format was best two-of-three matches, no-ad, short third set, and the other two divisions were played as 8-game no-ad pro sets.

The “A” Division featured four fine players, two each from the host club and the National Tennis Club in Newport, and the final outcome was interesting. Played as a round robin, three of the four players, 21-year-old Gabe Kinzler of Philadelphia, a 12-handicap and previous winner of this event, 22-year-old Josh Bainton (NTC ó H 17), and 18-year-old Barney Tanfield (PRC ó H 16) ended up with 2-1 records. 22-year-old Peter Fagan (NTC ó H 15) had to retire with a back injury after two matches; his record was 0-3. Based on number of matches won less number lost; second, number of sets won less those lost, and if needed, number of games won less those lost, Gabe Kinzler squeaked past to win. Because of the incomplete results caused by the walkover the Rules Committee determined that both Bainton and Tanfield ended tied for second place.

In the “B” Division, 13 players, including the entire six-member team from The Oratory School in England, competed in round robins of 3 and 4, with winners of each advancing. Going to the semis were: Richard Greenland, Alex Vaux, Dom Pike and Ed Armstrong. Greenland (H 30 ó U.S.) defeated Vaux, 8-2, while Armstrong (H 32 ó U.S.) fought back a late surge from Pike and won 8-7. The 17-year-old Armstronghad anotherclose victory in the final, defeating 14-year-old Greenland,8-7.

The Novice Division also featured 13 players, boys and girls, competing in round robins of 3 and 4, winners advancing to semis. It was an all-Newport semi-final affair, with brother and sister Pat and Jen Winthrop against each other in one half, and John Paul Jewell and Barclay Douglas III, in the other. Jen, at 16 the elder of the two Winthrops, defeated her 12-year-old brother Pat, 8-3. Barclay, 14, defeated John Paul, 15, in a very close match, 8-6. In the final, Barclay started strong, at one point leading 4-1, but Jen started to find her shots, and ended up taking a very close and well-played match, 8-7, to win the Novice Division.

As he has for some many years, Andy Kinzler ran a great event, ably assisted by Butch Wenglicki, Gabe Kinzler, Tim Johnson and Kate Leeming. The latter two professionals brought teams from D.C. and The Oratory School, respectively.

Front row, l to r: Dave Franzi (in black vest), Andy Nasrinpay, Mas Massone, Alex Nasrinpay.

Next row, standing, l to r: Laura Currren, Len Mazzone, Barclay Douglas, Ed Armstrong, Pat Winthrop, John Paul Jewell.

Seated in dedans, l to r: Frank Curren, Jen Winthrop, Josh Bainton, Richard deWinter, Mary Livingston, Alex Vaux, Dom Oike, Mikey Sima.

On penthouse: Richard Greenwood, Dave Povey.

Not pictured: Peter Fagan, Gabe Kinzler, Barney Tanfield, Edward Stautberg, Colin Zima, Jake Davis, Ed Ferrer, Black Buchanon, Alex Hurford, D. Matthews.

“A” Division

Gabe Kinzler, age 21, PRC

Peter Fagan, age 22, NTC

Josh Bainton, age, 22, NTC

Barney Tanfield, age 18, PRC

Kinzler def. Bainton, 6/0, 6/3

Kinzler def. Fagan, 6/4, 6/2

Bainton def. Fagan, walkover

Bainton def. Tanfield, 6/4, 6/5

Tanfield def. Kinzler, 6/2, 6/4

Tanfield def. Fagan, 1/6, 6/3, 6/4

“B” Division

Group B1 –

Richard Greenland, Oratory, age 14, 2-0.

Jake Davis, D.C., age 15, 1-1.

Len Mazzone, Tuxedo Club, age 14, 0-2.

Group B2 ó

Ed Armstrong, Oratory, age 17, 2-0.

Ed Ferrer, DC, age 16, 0-2.

Blake Buchanon, DC, age 15, 1-1.

Group B3 ó

Dom Pike, Oratory, age 18, 2-0.

David Povey, Oratory, age 17, 1-1.

Colin Zima, DC, age 16, 0-2.

Group B4 ó

Richard de Winter, Oratory, age 17, 1-1.

Alex Vaux, Oratory, aged 18, 2-1*.

Mikey Zima, DC, age 15, 0-2.

Frank Curren, NTC, age 15, 2-1*.

* Head-to-head, Vaux def. Curren and advanced to semis.

“N” (Novice) Division

Group N1 ó

Mary Livingstone, NTC, age 17, 1-1.

Pat Winthrop, NTC, age 12, 2-0.

Alex Nasrinpay, DC, age 12, 0-2.

Group N2 ó

Dave Franzi, NTC, age 15, 1-1.

Jen Winthrop, NTC, age 16, 2-0.

“Max” Mazzone, TC, age 10, 0-2.

Group N3 ó

Alex Hurford, DC, age 12, 1-1.

Barclay Douglas, NTC, age 14, 2-0.

Ed Stautberg, NTC, age 16, 0-2.

Group N4 ó

John Paul Jewell, NTC, age 15, 3-0.

David Mathews, DC,, age 12, 2-1.

Laura Curren, NTC, age 11, 1-2.

Andy Nasrinpay, DC, age 10, 0-3.