The second annual Tuxedo Ladies’ Invitational Handicap event was held on one of those rare, sparkling October weekends when summer makes one last appearance before the leaves fall and the temperatures plummet.

Thanks to Judy Carli, and her committee and the staff at the Club, the event was an unqualified success in every respect.  This event was equal in size to the 2000 U.S. Ladies’ Open, held at Greentree.  Sixteen players, representing numerous clubs in the U.S. and England, took part.

Newport’s Jane Lippincott, a 25 handicap, met Susie Falkner of Harbour Club and the RTC, a 45 (U.K.) handicap, in the final.

Mrs. Lippincott, the second-best player by handicap in the event, defeated C. Young (no score available), Jennie Blackwell (0,3), and, after an early deficit, local player Evelyn David – handicap 39 (1-6, 1, 3) to reach the final.

Mrs. Falkner defeated Bostoner Brenda Murphy (5, 2-6, 3), and Newport/Boston player Brenda Sabbag 2,3.  Her semifinal opponent was Julie Rinalidini of Greentree, whom Falkner beat 3,3.

In Sunday’s final, Jane Lippincott prevailed, winning in straight sets 6/3,



Main Draw Results

First Round

Alison Cockcroft d. Robin McFadden 2,2.

Julie Rinaldini d. Audrey Buyrn, 4,4.

Susie Falkner d. Brenda Murphy, 5, 2-6, 3.

Brenda Sabbag d. Rene Radevitch, 0,4.

Evelyn David d. Evelyn Clothier, 0,4.

Judy Carli d. Pearl Cunningham, 2-6, 2, 3.

Jennie Blackwell d. Petra Napolitano, 0,3.

Jane Lippincott d. C. Young (no score available).

Second Round

Rinaldini d. Cockcroft, 2-6,4,3.

Falkner d. Sabbag, 2,3.

David d. Carli, 4,1-6,4.

Lippincott d. Blackwell, 1-6,1,3.


Falkner d. Rinaldini, 3,3.

Lippincott d. David, 5,3.


Lippincott d. Falkner, 3,5.